Strawberry Shortcake Shooters

Remember a few weeks ago when we posted an article about how desserts are on the rise? More and more restaurant-goers are opting to purchase a dessert while dining than ever before. Still, some people pass on a decadent chocolate cake or apple pie because the portions are too large.

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How to Make the Perfect Banana Bread

How do you make the perfect banana bread? No seriously, I want to know because no matter how hard I try or what I do, it always comes out drier than I’d like it to. Banana bread is a great addition to any present, it’s great to bring to pot-lucks

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Extend Your Holiday Party Meal

Leftover Christmas Recipes No matter how many people you invite to Christmas dinner, there will always be leftovers. Instead of eating the same thing over again, try these fun recipes to give your leftovers new life. Ham Stuffed Manicotti Try something a bit different this year and switch from American

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