Shopping for Chocolate Molds

Chocolate molds vary not only by design, size, and cost, but also by the material from which they are fabricated.  Molds may be made of metal or different types of plastics.  Each type will better suit a particular production need and budget.

Metal Molds

For years, chocolate molds were made of steel and lined with a thin coating of tin to protect them from rust and to provide a shiny surface for molding.  These molds are not commonly made or used anymore and have been replaced by lighter, less expensive plastic molds.

Polycarbonate Molds

Injection-formed polycarbonate molds are the state-of-the art chocolate molds for today’s production needs.  They offer several advantages of metal molds, including lower cost, lighter weight, transparency, superior shine, and ease of use. Polycarbonate Molds are extremely durable; they will last indefinitely, provided they are properly cared for.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Molds

These molds will produce crisp edges and show the finest detail as opposed to the thin plastic molds which does not show much detail. These molds are thermal shock-resistant.

How to Care for Chocolate Molds

All molds must be carefully used and cared for, as even minor scratches can ruin the look of a finished confection.

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