Strawberry Shortcake Shooters

Remember a few weeks ago when we posted an article about how desserts are on the rise? More and more restaurant-goers are opting to purchase a dessert while dining than ever before. Still, some people pass on a decadent chocolate cake or apple pie because the portions are too large. The reasons tend to be that they are too full, the dessert has too many calories, or it’s too expensive. As a resolution to their problems, restaurants are introducing miniature desserts. These less expensive treats are bite size desserts that have a big taste but without all the calories.

Dessert in Shooters

The “shooter” dessert is one of the more popular bite-sized dessert. Either filled with cake or just with frosting, these shooters are easily accessible and doesn’t cause a lot of mess. The square cake shooter found on Kerekes’ website are 35% than most shooters and the square shape of them makes the treat easier to eat than their circular counter part. For less than $18, you get 12 cake shooters so you can entertain a few guests or an entire restaurant.

If you don’t believe how easy cake shooters are, try this recipe from at your next party or feature as a special on your menu. You’ll be surprised at how many people love them.


Strawberry Shortcake Shooters

You’ll Need:

-Yellow cake mix

-2 cups diced strawberries

-1/4 sugar

Servings- 10


1. Bake the cake mix as directed on the box

2. Let cool

3. Scoop up piece of the cake and put it on the bottom of the shooter

4. Pour some dice strawberries over the piece of cake.

5. Scoop up another piece of cake and put it over the strawberries

6. Finish with a small layer of strawberries (optional)

7. Add whipped cream to the top

8. Don’t forget a strawberry for the garnish

9. Serve immediately!

Dessert in Shooters

Just because summer is taking a long time to get here, doesn’t mean that you have to wait to enjoy this summer-themed dessert. With that attitude it will be here a whole lot sooner.

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