5 Unique Kitchen Gifts for Yourself

Many bakers and cooks purchase tools that are a necessity for the kitchen. One must have a rolling pin, spatula and frying pan in order to make an array of breads, sweets, and entrees. But tools are also made for convenience and ease. Do you need a griddle to make pancakes? No, but it’s significantly easier, especially because you can make eggs, bacon, and home fries on the same griddle. Here are five items that you don’t necessarily need in your kitchen, but will make your life a whole lot easier and flavor-able.

1)    The Taco Enthusiast

Everybody loves a good taco every now and again. Who doesn’t like a crispy shell full of chicken, sour cream, and hot sauce? Because they are so fragile, tacos can be hard to make.The shell always seems to break or the wrap comes undone. At Kerekes, we have a selection of taco tools that will help you make gourmet tacos flawlessly. Try our Non-stick tortilla bakers from Norpro. They come in 4.5″, 7″, and 9″ sets so you can make a taco salad that won’t come apart and cause a mess. Items range from $9.95-$17.90.

2)    The Breakfast Lover

Want to make the perfect poached egg like you see on television and in restaurants? Get an Egg-Poacher set (yes they do exist!) and have a healthy alternative to fried eggs for only $29. The set includes a fry pan, 4 poacher inserts and a tray with holes for the inserts. The breakfast lover in you will be delighted to have perfect poached eggs every time!

3)    The Book Worm

More and more restaurants are experimenting with chocolate in their everyday dishes. Chocolate is no longer solely for dessert. So taste buds rejoice! Author Frederic Bau explores different methods of including chocolate in every type of dish from appetizers to cheeses to sweet delights in his book, Fusion Chocolate. This 300 page book has a chapter dedicated to flavor combinations and full color photographs to show you how some of the recipes are made. He even includes basic recipes so you can get started immediately. Make dishes that combine chocolate with fish, meat, and other ingredients you would never think of using. You get all of this in one book for $165.95. Impress your friends and family at the next party or work function.

4)    The Baker

More and more bakeries are experimenting with gum paste or fondant as a type of frosting for cakes and cookies. This style allows the baker to be truly artistic, molding a cake to look like a pirate ship or Mickey Mouse. But perfecting the art of gum paste is extremely difficult and takes lots and lots of practice and dedication. We offer a Lace Kit from SugarVeil. For only $189, the baker amongst your friends will have all the tools and ingredients needed to make a fondant cake that will impress everyone at your next bash. The kit includes a SugarVeil Lace Mat, two 5-oz. pouches of Confectionery Icing, a Confectioners’ Spreader, Confectionery Snip, a Hygrometer for measuring humidity, a Mini Spreader, instructions, and DVD. –  Note that this kit does not qualify for free shipping.

5)    The Chocolate Fanatic

If you are a chocolate fanatic who is always whipping up chocolate cake, chocolate muffins, and chocolate cookies, We have everything you need to make this process easier. From molds to fountains, we make it easier to play with and eat chocolate.  Choose from half bottle molds, cylinder-shaped molds, and rose-shaped molds. Or get an assortment of molds. For instance, the Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold Assorted. With 36 cavities and six molds you can make an array of chocolates for the whole family.  Molds are relatively inexpensive and comes in numerous varities. For a mold with 36 cavities, you’re paying less than $22 which is an incredible savings. Don’t break the bank and instead spend your monday on mouthwatering ingredients.

Here are five items that you never would think about buying for yourself.  At Kerekes you’ll find a variety of tools for the kitchen that will make cooking easier, less time consuming and safer. Check out the website for more fun tools that you can use every day!

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