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Creating Your First Cake

Everything You Need to Make a Wedding Cake (And More)

Congratulations, you’ve just graduated from culinary school and your first assignment is making a tiered cake. You vaguely remember going over the rules in class, but you aren’t sure of a few steps. Here is a refresher guide on items you want close by to pull off the perfect tiered cake. From separator plates to gum paste tools and flavoring, this guide will enable you to impress your clients and maybe even get a few referrals.

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Dessert in Shooters

Use Strawberry Shortcake Shooters for Dessert

Remember a few weeks ago when we posted an article about how desserts are on the rise? More and more restaurant-goers are opting to purchase a dessert while dining than ever before. Still, some people pass on a decadent chocolate cake or apple pie because the portions are too large. The reasons tend to be that they are too full, the dessert has too many calories, or it’s too expensive. As a resolution to their problems, restaurants are introducing miniature desserts. These less expensive treats are bite size desserts that have a big taste but without all the calories.

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5 Ways to Cook Like a Chef

Over the past decade television shows that are centered around food have increased immensely in viewership. There are your classic cooking shows where a chef will walk you through a meal, talk shows based around food such as; “The Chew” and food competitions in which unknown chefs showcase their talent. Unfortunately it’s frustrating when you attempt to replicate these delicious meals and realize that you’re no Rachel Ray. Cooking like a chef takes a pinch of patience, a half cup of talent, and a whole lot of dedication. If you’re serious about cooking like a chef, follow these five rules to whip up a meal that looks as good as it tastes.

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