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Do they make stainless steel cake decorating tips?

Posted on August 18, 2017 | in Information - FAQ's | by

Stainless Steel Decorating Tips have many advantages. It’s durable, won’t chip or break as opposed to the plastic tips. The Stainless Steel tips are easy to clean and they don’t get stained from the fat; but be sure to dry them well so they don’t rust over time.

We have a large selection of stainless steel tips. Choose between our Star, Border, Leaf, and Rose Tip, to name a few.

Create a beautiful flower bouquet with the Russian Piping Nozzles and Spheres.

You can add a pastry coupler to your pastry bag to make the changing of the tips easy and quick, without having to empty the contents of the pastry bag.

Shop our Pastry Decorating Tips.


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