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There’s no denying that baking has become a prominent pastime in today’s society. Whether you run a bakery, want to impress your friends with a homemade cake, or bake an impressive pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, you need dishes and pans to actually bake these homemade goodies in. Working in the bakeware industry you know that bakeware comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. Sure you have competitors, but most bakeware is unique. Not only do you want your bakeware to stand out from your competition, but you want it to be sturdy, durable, and get the job done. You don’t want your customers to settle for a cookie sheet or cake pan, you want them to be proud of it, excited, and impressed.

With baking set to become more popular in the next few years, the need for bakeware will grow extensively. But then again, so will the competition. You have to set your company apart from others in the industry. While there are many different paths; one way is to enter contests and conventions that show off your product. For instance, The A’International Kitchenware Design Accolades recently announced a call for entries for their 4th Annual A’ Design Awards. The A’Design Awards is open to both manufacturers and designers from every single country. It recognizes the best in bakeware, tableware, drinkware, and cookware. Winners will be judged on functionality, innovation, and quality. In its fourth year, the A’Design Awards separates the best bakeware from the mediocre while giving the manufacturers and designers a name in the bakeware industry.

The A’ Awards were designed four years ago “to provide a fair, ethical and competitive platform for companies, designers, and innovators from all design fields…” They hope that their awards will bring recognition to the winners in the way of press, media, distributers and buyers.

But get your entries in quick as the deadline is February 28, 2014. For details on how to submit your bakeware or to see past contributions, visit their website at; Winners will be announced on April 15, 2014 and it could be you!

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