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Creating Your First Cake

Posted on April 2, 2014 | in Baking | by

Everything You Need to Make a Wedding Cake (And More)

Congratulations, you’ve just graduated from culinary school and your first assignment is making a tiered cake. You vaguely remember going over the rules in class, but you aren’t sure of a few steps. Here is a refresher guide on items you want close by to pull off the perfect tiered cake. From separator plates to gum paste tools and flavoring, this guide will enable you to impress your clients and maybe even get a few referrals.

When making a tiered cake whether it’s two layers, three, or eight, you must have separation plates. Depending on what kind of cake you’re making these plates usually come in white or clear. Don’t forget the pillars to separate each cake. Again, these come in a variety of designs so you can get ones that complement your cake.

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Most wedding cakes don’t call for the standard frosting you find in Stop and Shop or at your local grocery store. Most cakes are made with fondant to give it a thicker, more hardened appearance.  All Fondants are edible and they even come in different colors. Choose from Wilton Shape-N- Amaze Edible Decorating Dough ($4.95) in red, white, yellow, brown, green, or black. Kerekes even has a SugarVeil Lace Kit($189.00) that comes with instructions and a DVD.

Once you have your fondant, you need to roll it out to fit around the cake. You can get the standard rolling pin, or an impressioned rolling pin with stars, hearts or other shapes. This in turn allows the fondant to be covered in hearts, stars or any other design of your choosing ($27.95). If you only want a few areas to be covered in stars, opt for a regular rolling pin, but get a star-shaped cutter. You can therefore strategically place stars around the cake. Prices vary, but shouldn’t cost you more than $8. Look for other fun shapes and designs to make your cake stand out. Kerekes also sells sugar paste modeling tools so you can add the perfect touch to any cake.

Finally make sure the flavor of the cake is to-die-for. There’s nothing worse than biting into a cake that isn’t tasty. Kerekes offers a variety of flavors from Bakto, Wilton and LorAnn Oils that will make your mouth water after every bite.

Making a cake takes time, dedication, and precision. With all the tools and ingredients you need by your side, you can make a cake in no time at all. Don’t forget the rolling pin and the fondant. And if all else fails make sure your cake tastes delicious!

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